Thursday, January 26, 2012

i keep re peat peat peat peat! teheee ;D

dis song is so beautiful! altogether completes each other, da musics, lyrics, voice n singer!
gud song Alicia! bravo bravo *claps*

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Family Vacation

short n nice post!
let pictures do d talking
Venue: Tiara Beach Resort, PD
Date: 22-23/1/2012
Taken by: My bro
Edit by: unedited !
Entry by:
Myra Zain

Friday, January 20, 2012

Bye 2nd Year Hello Final Year + Go Genting = weeewooo!

Hello world!
done wif my final exam!
starts wif land law 2 then criminal law 2 (perfect date on my birthday) next is Administration of Trust n wrap it well with Cyber Law..
its not easy man not easy.. but hey no sweat dis is my life! *flip hair elegantly*
ngee ngeee ;D
but getting excited n nervous for my final year!
its getting tougher man.. seriously..
sooooo! b4 another hardwok routine in final year..

on 19th we went to Genting..
1st level of birthday n freedom celebration!
next come beach holiday with family pulak 2moro..
another birthday celebration..
wink wink ;D

im not gayat! i swear! kan korang? hikhik

 kite nk orange! gong xi fa cai! ;)

sudah la tu myra! gemuk r!

alaalaaa sweet ;D


 matahari so lembap r game nie!

mcm wedding pic kan? mwuahaha

coursemates! check in 1st world jugak ;D

meet em up there! ed n her boyfie

4D i loike!


shopping cket2 4 me n baby damia! ;D

dats all, bye 4 now;
Myra Zain
lapchuuu <3 ;*