Friday, March 23, 2012

The Unplanned

Trying d solution 2 escape from d hectic Project Paper Semester?
Nah, here u go! Hang out wif em, my "super-craziest course mates"!

Internship back then ;D

Thanx Joey 4 da pic! 
will always remember both of ya n all of coz
*time farewell dkt Toastina, Sheraton Imperial Hotel*

Friday, March 16, 2012

Manis Waktu! *sweet moment* heeee ;D

wahhh busyness strike in the beginning of semester!
final year is serious matter no joke man

so sebab tersangat busy membusykan diri n terbusy2 so now baru sempat nk update pasal my new sweetheart!
lapchuuuuu Aqeel Zhafran Bin Muhamad Aidil <3 <3 <3
born on 28th Feb 2012 *1 more day to go for d 29th day of leap year*
lucky aqeel born 1 day earlier than 29th Feb... hihi!
ni nephew kite~~~~ heeee ;D p/s ade mcm aunty die x??

so now dis 1 n only my dear darling niece da ade kwn n she even not jealous pun dkt adik cousin die ni tp kat aunty suke nak telebih jealous kan damia kan??? nak hug nenek pun x boleh!  ;D ;D

btw, last weekend big family of wahid's (my mum's side) gather n went to Johor for my cousin's wedding
*some pictures b4 nikah*

Myra Zain ;D

Friday, March 2, 2012

Internship done!

hello deary!

Done wif attachment oredi (already)! ngeh ngeh ;D
after extend 1 more day 2 finish up research for Mr. Koh n still cannot finish..
only today manage to settle everything n did sent email dis afternoon..
p/s: thanx Mr. Koh 4 treating us big 'kari kepala ikan' lunch! heh heh ;p
Thanx Albar & Partners! Thanx litigation department! Thanx lawyers! Thanx all chambies! Thanx akak2 secretary!
Its absolutely 1 of the most joyful moment in my life 4 being there, working there n learn of coz..
Thanx Joey n Susan coz making such a cool & crazy environment 4 me n farewell at toastina..
I hope frens 4 eva ya?
Remember our promise? If by the time i finish my LLB might be u guys hd oredi open ur own firm then count me in la.. can meh?? cannnnn... rite?
n sori 2 other chambies coz x join farewell dinner 4 farhan dkt gardens...
*want to upload pic but later la, its not wif me but wif joey* ;D

owh btw class will start next monday, need 2 do some shopping here ;)) heeee

Myra Zain