Sunday, May 29, 2011

damia goofing around! ;p

8 months old baby Damia!
ngeeeee ;D

~dis is my territory, kindly plis don't enter!*sambil muke manis*~ ahaha

~sexy picture! agahgah *owh dat is mosquitoes bites okayh*~ teheee ;p

~aunty stop snap pictures plis, i'm tired! *sambil muke masam mencuka*~ bahaaaa ;0

~haaa nie cover cun! *mommy die ckp aunty xtawuuu!* hikhik! ;D

~i am BUSY! n will keep going be BUSY!~ mwuahaha

~buleh bha kalau ko!~ ahaha! wat a pose!

~im busy but for u aunty i smile 4 da camera! *wink wink*~

~camera effects wif mosquitoes bites again~ teheee ;D

~dis is at my rental house *kemas uma paling last so bug family to accompany me during hol as no one there, tite tachuut! mwuahaha*~
~we went to IKEA 1st n all dis playing mat n damia's games is all bought there~ hihi

~haaa nie la damia's face if u xamek her, u better be take me jalan2 aunty!~

Saturday, May 28, 2011

demi mencari sesuap nasi!

haaa! ngade ngade title cannot go!
owh act i nak share,
while enjoying my sweetest holiday time,
act i'm working..
me working? really really??
serious r u myra?!
working wif mommy act,
wanna know my list of work??

1st: babysitting damia

it is not as easy as 1 2 3 okayh! In morning normally a little bit goyang kaki as my sis starts work noon n my bibik will babysit her also.. but starts after her mommy go out working haaa start she will mengamuk then i have to either jalan2 or let her play outside in her walker.. she act like older baby seriously not as other normal 8 months babies.. then then, bath time after she eat as she will be so masam n i cant stand any comot baby *haa bibik will start nagging as she need to do more laundry as i love to change damia's clothes* blablabla! teheeee ;D then wait laaa until nenek n atok come back then they will then pampered her! ahaha..

2nd: mommy's driver

mommy has dis kind of phobia to drive anymore after number of tragedies happened to her. pity her then we decide to send n fetch her from work. Normally daddy will send n fetch her but if daddy wanted to play golf or he got meeting or is outstation then my duty starts. *wait for 1 hour for mom is normal for me, dis happen if mommy got meeting to attend, but i wait patiently! such a gud girl kan kan? PERASAN* ngehehehe ;p

3rd: daddy's driver sometimes

okayh dis is really really rare act! ahahaha.. but i did act as google map to daddy to somewhere he not familiar at *okayh i tipu i pn act refer to da actual google map, bahaaaa! i just reexplain to him* ;D ;D

4th: tailor *haaa just once for da time being*

hihihi! owh i love beadings act.. so to cut cost n bla bla bla, beadings on damia's baju kurung is made by me.. owh yes me! wif upah! owh yesss! mwuahahaha

5th: administrative works n mom's PA

haaa jgn main2! from driver now naik pangkat to PA okayh! ahahaha.. as my mom needs to fill up forms for her works on9, then me la da victim to do dat... im sure u guys will like fill up on9 form is easy kannn??!! eyh no no no! susa okayh! because JPA have dis kind of very very very unfriendly form n it keep on hang n come to be all da data i just key in disappear just like dat.. poof! errors sana sini! grrrrr ;( but pity mommy until now da form is not done.. sori! ;(

6th n current: marking mid year exam papers

*still in progress n working hard!* aceceh! hihihi.. my sis is school teacher n she hired me for dis purpose! meaning dat i'm paid okayh! *owh i hv to peras her as i kumpul duet for shopping at Bandung later* ngeeeee ;D pity u to hv me as sister! but i do ease ur burden right?? am i right or am i right? bahahaha ;0

okayh da! too much wordings so like essay form 5!
teheeee ;D
bye then!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

i love brown! ;D

dunno y but i think i fall in love wif brown handbags n heels, <3
vintage look is kinda cool carries da formal look in it but at da same time it can be playful n sexy too!
very attractive n how i wish i could add on collections in my wardrobe...
*full hope puppy face!* teheeee ;D
CLASSIC n yet trendy! n for me classic is very synchronize wif soft n feminine..
keperempuanan la gitu! eheh eheh ;))
*furnish my dreams pleeaaaseeeee* ngeee ;p

Charles & Keith *price affordable for moderate buyers cam i nie haa*

Charles & Keith

Charles & Keith

Michael Kors Collection
Michael Kors Collection Darrington Hadley Leather Hobo

Charles & Keith

JJ Winters Hornback Bag in Brown

*haaa yg nie i xmampu! bye weyh yg nie! ahaha!* Gucci handmade leather

mesti korang cam td ckp fall in love wif handbags n heels tp nie cam byk handbag jeaaa..
padia nie!
okayh i suke handbag act i tipu cket la time awai awai,
soriiiii! hihihihi.. ;p ;p ;p
i cam browse pic asal tgk handbag jea die jd xbtul! ;D ngeeee
bye dear viewers!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

entry for today is all about belakberi *ejaan busuk blackberry*
ahahaha! just to share my little n humble experience using dis fon,
first im using dis black blackberry curve 8520,
but because im too excited buying dis fon,
i didnt really check da fon n come to be its bb application world is not functioning,
it is about only after 1 week bought dat fon i realized it as my bb services from celcom starts functioning,
im too sad, went from 1 celcom centre to another and from 1 fon booth to another,
feels so tired, tidiiiiing! i just decide lets swap fon! hey hey u just bought it for 1 week myra! hey crazy! mwuahaha.. bluwekkk i dun care! ngeee ;D

thennnnn, i bought dis 1,
same like boyfie's bb,
nie laaaa fon busuk i skang,
review?? its quite slow act, u must frequently reboot ur fon if not it may hang...
n dis fon got no gps only map,
pity dis smartphone act, huhuhu!
so think twice if u guys intend to get 1 of dis..

ngeheee! ;D
review dis fon is super duper fast!
dun need to always reboot it,
plus its design is soooooo sexy n so executive!
GREAT! i like!

BlackBerry Bold 9780

haaaa! so peeps plis be extra careful when getting dis fon,
i learnt my lesson,
need to swap to other curve because of da old bb application world,
so CHECK CHECK CHECK b4 pay okayh?
dun regret always b a smart buyer!

love ya,
Myra Zain
yg pakai curve jea sbb x mampu, sobsssss! ;'( nak bold 3!

Friday, May 20, 2011

today n recap BLS sem 3 ;p

today i bwk bibik jalan2 sbb die ckp die nak shoping cket,
i went out wif sista, baby damia n bibik,
thennnn, bibik pn g beli jamu,
thennnn, i nmpk ade BEDAK SEJUK SUSU KAMBING,
ahahaha! beli saje nak try... ngeee ;p
*bkn stakat gud 4 ur skin tp kalau boring2 nak prank kwn pakai bedak sejuk then pakai telekung kol 1am pn leh gak* mwuahaha!
owh n i saw ade tpt nie die jual n amek order cute cupcakes,
soooooo i pn adela 1 plan..
hihihi! wait eyh wait eyh nnt i update okayh about dat! ;p

enough for dat,
now i nak recap pasai *pasal in utara* Law & Dining Etiquette,
*eyh mmg ketinggalan zaman sgtttt sbb event nie time 14th feb tp i nak recap gak okayh?*
event nie cam kire compulsory la utk ktorg kalau x xleh grad denga ceghita la,
die cam korang g mkn2 then duduk sopan2 then ade vip haaa cenggitu la...
time 2 die 3 course meal,
appetizer(leh tahan best soup die), main course(beef steak liat sgt cam nak tepelanting lansung x cam tgif) n dessert(best!),
haaaa yg best time nie leh tgk guys jd cam YB!
hamboi kemain lg korang eyh! ahahaha!
owh lupe nak bgtau dinner tu kat Grand Blue Wave Hotel kat Shah Alam..
so jom la browse pic yg xseberapa nie...
;D ;p

~haa kan i da ckp guys cam YB kan??~ teheee ;D

~nie YB nak p mana nie x sabaq~ ahaha!

dats all for now..
thanx 4 viewing! wink wink ;p

Monday, May 16, 2011

whoah kro huns! i laptchuuuu!

owh hello again! ;)
act i nak cite, time skola dulu secondary la i ade group,
biase la kan konon teenagers ape sume kene la ade group kan kan kan?
*ke i sorang jea cenggitu? maluuu, hikhik!*
alaaa biase la high skul drama ke ape ntah ktorg dulu...
hihihi! but its cool seriously because u will never walk alone.. ngee ;p
but amazingly we stick together until now n we r soooo close like siblings,
we shared ups n downs, we back others up, lecture each others n gossiping is absolutely!
hope dis love remains forever, amin... ;D

~i dulu konon2 ketua rombongan *dieorg mmg pggl ketua cenggitu sbb dieorg gile* ahaha!~

~nie dyba, die dak straight a's so bile tgk result die i nanges, tgk lagi nanges lagi, tgk lagi nanges lagi... tite tachuuut r awak! hikhik ahahaha! now dyba further studies medic at Aussie.. gudluck babe!~

~nie soe, she is very pretty, like seriously skin cam g facial everyday in 1 year n every coming years ahead... teheee ;D currently she's at Taylor's College Subang also doing medic like dyba~

~haaa nie akak cantik kite, phuven! ahahaha.. i paling suke kenekan die sbb die punye response mmg best! cik kak sorang nie now at Segi College n nak grade da pn degree die after dis successful business woman la eyh? acececeh! ;p ngeee~

~nie teyn, okayh xya cite tgk pic pn da nmpk yg she is gorgeous kan? nie lagi sorang i malu nk snap pic together sbb cute sgt... she is so pretty even without any makeup.. *envy sbb in my dream pn i xleh jd cam2, sigh* mwuahaha! owh n teyn had just finished her dip at UITM Kedah~

~haaa nie akak artist kite! introducing tasha... tasha if she laugh haaa mmg la org laen pn nak join.. she is baby laughing hyena! cuteness.. ahaha! tashoooo awak lawooo! seriously tite nak sign? can? ngeee ;p Tasha is a pretty hotel crew if im not mistaken at Mandarin Oriental Hotel *sori i xigt sgt*~

~nie sume sweet moment ktorg ;) ~