Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bandung Escape-2nd Day!

hello hello n hello again viewers!
as i promised i update for da 2nd day of my trip pulak.. ;p
bkn ape nak type byk2 n upload byk2 pic cenggini dgn kene resize ape sume i pemalas cket!
teheeeeee ;p ;p ;p
tu la done phase by phase..
but okayhla kann dr xde.. ngeeeee ;D
2nd day ktorg 1st n foremost breakfast kat hotel..
then smbl 2ggu driver dtg kol 8.30 means mas pukul 9.30 ktorg pn g la swimming pool..
then driver sampai jea tros heading to pasar baru..
haaaa cnie fabric's heaven! *u just name it sume ade n plg famous korang leh tempah baju n siap sehari jea*
normally couple yg nak get married will shop here..
from Malaysia pn,
we saw dis 1 couple rasenye Malaysian then dieorg shopping wif dis 1 aunty maybe dat guy's mom or his partner la punye mom..
dieorg shopping siap tempah wedding card kat situ tau..
yealaa cheaper if we compare ngan kat Mas nie..
*i dunno we just guess* hihi
mak, kakak, kak zahira sume dok shopping fabrics..
while i dok tempah suit..
haaa mmg puas hati shopping cnie tau ;D
then after pasar baru tros mkn kat kfc,
kfc cnie laen xde mashed potato but instead of dat ade bergedil...
sian damia ktorg igt g kfc coz wanna feed her mashed potato..
then after dat shopping2 lagi..
we went to Paris Van Java,
its a mall,
die mcm KLCC la lebeyh kurang but a bit smaller,
i sempat grab dress ZARA 1 yg dz said hey kat KL pn ade ZARA dok cari sane wat for..
ehehe! biar la! bluwek! ;p
then ptg balik solat rest ape sume..
then i wif sista bwk damia g swimming..
bkn maen happy lagi! she's grinning all da time! ahaha
then ktorg klua dinner..


~dis is all while breakfast~

~teman my mom mkn i finish already! ngee ngee ;p~

~cant u see damia's face? how epi she is! hihi~

~owh nie kat hotel, concept die very classic Indonesian, me likeyh!~

~nie dpn Paris Van Java, sponsored by CIMB- a small crocodile cage or pond? or cage n pond? dunno! ahaha~

~dis is where we stay~

~GUESS kat Paris Van Java~



p/s: i x edit pic i mls n i just upload it randomly so sori la x ikut sequence
Myra Zain

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