Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Dear beloved blog readers,

Please find attached herewith invisible(no link), my grateful feelings and happiness due to result dis semester
;D hehehe

For your further action just letting you know that there is small tips that might be very useful though,
If you feel like losing someone trust me Allah has thousand of reasons behind all that happened,
just live your life to the fullest and double the hard work for your greater future InsyaAllah ;D

Happy working on that ya!

p/s: tips helpful and proven on me peeps!
yeah i've got my life during prelaw back for now, for real!
finally! I lost it in short while before but manage to chase the missing path after he went away ;) hihi
Life is just too good to be wasted babes!

Myra Zain

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I am physically and mentally tired..
Everyone updating status on how nervous they are as result will come out in short hours..
But me????
Yes I am tired.. very tired...
Tired of working and tired of thinking...
will collapse really soon as temperature keep on rising..
fever + flu is a great combination since forever! haih

But I promise I will never stop smiling ;)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Great Opportunities!

Dear viewers,

hello! ;D
its been awhile ya..
finally i got time 4 blogging..
my attachment program has just started 4 a week..
its a very well kisckstart i shall say!
everyone  do welcome me to Albar & Partners *i do hope so n it is as far i can see it la or else at behind i dunno*
dis firm had a unique trend of training chambies (chambering student)
as recently they had 13 chambies altogether n 1 attachment student which is me
1 room 4 chambies at 6th floor n 2 rooms at 8th floor..
i am at 8th floor @ Litigation Department

experience up to now?
tired yes tired but FUN though!
1st task was induction..
went from 6th floor n 8th floor to introduce myself..
then helping a pretty young lawyer kak Haiza sorting out her bundle of authorities..
my task increase in filing Proof Of Debt (POD) for Hong Leong Bank Berhad..
dis one supervised under Ms Sabrina Leong, a very gorgeous petite lady *seriously*
sgt susa ok keje nie.. i've amended few times but still not yet done..
so basically dis 4 days straight holiday is a NO NO holiday 4 me..
then the most a huge chance 4 me eva!
I'm involved in the research team for a big land case..
a millions ringgit land that is subjected for forfeiture..
lawyer handling dis case is a Senior Partner or in other word da share partner of the firm la..
dis wednesday need to see Datuk.. *nervous*
must prepare everything..
research! polish my land law!
i dun want to come up as silent as a hospital during nite..
i want to express my idea!
case search is important..
so? still la dis holiday is a turn off for me..
dis is a must grab opportunity..
can u imagine an attachment student involve in dis kind of case??
owh Allah i feel blessed... Alhamdulillah ;D

i love dis! i love d anxiety! i love da busyness!
i am sure i will do dis again next semester break InsyaAllah wif other firm pulak..
dig all d exposure as 2 d max!

Thanx 4 reading up,
Myra Zain xoxo