Wednesday, August 24, 2011

break fasting + phuven's advance birthday! ;p

Dear blog,
me wanna use dis little chance to say dat how glad I am as we r approaching Eid Mubarak but how sad I am as we r nearly leaving da greatest month of Ramadhan Al Mubarak...
feel too touched wif all da mixed feelings dis year around...
InsyaAllah all of us will b a better person indeed time to time...

owh okayh enough 4 dat!
hey hey hey!
darls~~ ngeee ;D
last nite me phuven n tasha went for a berbuka session or iftar at tomyam's restaurant at keramat *i lupe name dat restaurant, sori!* hihi
but seriously wif a very reasonable price n gud dishes it was superb 4 us Alhamdulillah..
owh btw, phuven did fast yesterday even wif exception she drink la cket2..
its gud enough as how sweet she was semate2 nak bebuka ngan we all she did try to fast..
~we had dis 4 bebrbuka~

 did order sirap limau coz dyba teringin *shuweet kan dyba kan?* ;D

 udang goreng tepung

 siakap 3 rasa

tomyam seafood n khailan ikan masin

owh b4 berbuka we went to wangsa walk n after berbuka we went to jusco au 4 baskin robin n starbucks...
*but pity me my fav choc chip da abes so i didnt get any of BR* tsk
 ngeee ;D 


 act dis is not my colour but as phuven c bufday girl yg pilih utk i so i bought dis.. ahaha!

 phuven n tasha.. lap lap both of u n of coz other krohuns so much!

dieorg kacau i drive! ;D

okayh phuven n tasha will kill me 4 dis pic! bahaha * giggle*

okayh until then c yaaa!
Myra Zain

Sunday, August 21, 2011

week-END!! weewooo! ;D

attention dear viewers i am sooooo tired!
eheh eheh ;p
i love to keep on going until i become too tired during day then i can sleep well at nite...
or else i will face da same prob dat keep haunting me..
so keep me busy plis dear fam n frens n i love it n of coz i love all of u!
ngee ngee ;D
yesterday start my day wif baking task..
we bake a yummyh home made cornflakes cookies...
we start early after subuh as i need to go to shah alam to settle everything u noe bout my old rental house.. bla bla bla! all dis n all dat.. ;p ;p ;p
so around 11 am i went to shah alam n did contact teyn n we went 4 a very girlish shopping outing!
*auww sweet!*
*owh how i miss her so much n all other krohuns too, like seriously i do!* tsk
btw, it was sudden we did reach other krohuns members but they cant make it..
so yesterday i drove kl - Shah Alam - Subang - Shah Alam - kl n still make it to berbuka at my home sweet home... ;)


 bought same cardi wif different tones! bahaha

 dis is human okayh! *not lying face* ngee ngee

 killing time while waiting 4 teyndo

 need to lose another 5 kg plis myra *shy* ;D

 teyn u r soooo pretty! *envy ur eyes* hihi

dis 1 is cornflakes cookies *we blend da cornflakes dats y it looks like dis* ;)

syg u cantik n i look pale! grrrr hihi!

owh n today i bake choc chip cookies pulak..
teheeee ;D
n went shopping again..
dis time around mak blanje my bibik..
she is so happy..
n i was happy too seeing dat smile on u bibik...
*everyone on earth deserves to be happy on dis raya celebration n wat we can do is try our best to make others happy, InsyaAllah dis world will b a better place to live on* ;D

dats all for now,
until then byeeeee!
Myra Zain

Sunday, August 14, 2011

hello people!

okayh 2day i've been so so so busy!
tepakse rush2 call house agent nak cr new rental house few days back..
want to noe y?
haaa sebab...
da old rental house punye owner naikkan sewa sampai 1800..
da la br bgtau dis week.. 
short notice gile okayh!
hello i xkesah if dat house nice n condusive tau x..
nie byk tikus n i pena tdo n woke up in da middle of nite seeing myself all wet due to heavy rain outside..
leaking roof tau x!
camtu leh die nk naikkan sewa sampai 1800..
so i directly called En Azman if there is any house available..
then finally today i went to Shah Alam n decide which house to let...
after survey survey n i persuade all other housemate..
n tepakse calling2 sbb dieorg jauh so..
then we choose nak condo..
condo nie br siap n we r da 1st occupants..
sewa ok la 1300..
cume basic nothing inside sbb uma baru kan..
yg extra points sampai i nak sgt dat condo sbb ktorg kt level 7 ats jea swimming pool, gym n cafe..
so cam leh petang2 g gym..
then dpt 2 parking kt dalam building so xya risau anything plus ade security guard,,
fuuuuhhh! mmg penat nk settlekan ngan pakcik tu lagi ckp ktorg xnak renew contract..
owh btw thanx to my dad n mom sbb sggp teman i settlekan sume nie..
n extra thanx sbb bayakan booking fees 1300 today jugak..
procedure dat company mmg camtu so ikut jea la..
pray dat everything will settle perfectly b4 ktorg start new sem.. hihi!

well btw, hikmah behind all dis perhaps new house new mission n may success b along our path!
hopefully, InsyaAllah.. ;)

p/s: even byk betul dugaan yg i dpt during dis 3 months semester break sampai cannot sleep lately but i terima sumenye dgn redha... ;) *only people close to me tau semuanya*  i love all of u *hugggssss*
to all viewers out there just igt sume dugaan yg Allah berikan xkan melebihi kemampuan kite.. n Allah always noes wat is da best 4 us.. ;D

Myra Zain

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


first of all woooaaaaahhh! how i miss to scratch u dear blog wif my tiny miny not-so-nice-handtyping *hurmnn instead of hand writting* ngee ngee!
*saje gune word scratch so its sounds mean but sndr xfaham y shud i b so*
haih ! head's down ;p ;p ;p
mish mish u very very much aaaa ;*
i just wanna say:

i love working as much as i love studying n as much as i love been busy
conclusion? i love my life! ;D

owh someone post dis song on my wall.. he knew dat i like dis song..
thanx dude!
dis is acoustic cover version of jar of hearts by Christina Perri (sang by Boyce Avenue n Tiffany Alvord)
normally i'll listen to d original version by Christina Perri but dis time around a bit different..
n still love it! owh n btw dis girl is so cute! seriously n nice voice too..

hurmn im searching for a gud netbook act!
think of getting 1 considering dat next sem i will be very busy wif moot n legal research..
so to avoid wasting time while waiting 4 next class lepak at fac..
i need netbook bcoz it's small so just campak in my handbag n go..
thus no more time will be wasted wif only mengumpat n gossips..
still can do something beneficial while gossips!
lets refer back on wat i said? no more time will be wasted wif only mengumpat n gossips so kene ade something to do besides dat la.. eheh eheh!
get it get it?? ;D ;D
*very multitasking kan i?* haaa i told ya! ehem ehem *blush*
so any suggestion??

thinking of : Lenovo Ideapad s10

all user's reviews r quite recommending..
so if u guys out there have any experience wif dis netbook..
wanna share plis do so..
or any other suggestions??
thanx in advance!  ;)

until then lotsa love from,
Myra Zain