Friday, December 30, 2011


yes its been so long..
lets stretching a bit 1st! huwargghh huwargghh! hihi ;D
silence is da best remedy i think just 4 now..
so busy like a busy bee again n again throughout da sem n even now as study week had just started 4 about 7 days..
i have approximately 9 days more or less towards final..
5 days in a row were self-proclaimed as 'lets make love wif library' ! yes indeed! phewh..

so what is da connection wif da title ROLLER COASTER up there myra?
ok lets get back 2 da motion man.. ;D
act i just love to express my gratitude to da most heart wrenching year= 2011! *clap*
i love it just like a roller coaster ride!
weeee weeee! ;D
learn a lot, change a lot, all d ups n down, all da happiness, all da tricky moment, success n failure..
come 2gether n wrap it well in 1 whole year!

n of coz looking forward 4 2012!
be nice to me plis?
will start entering firm world dis january..
Albar & Partners will b da kickstart..
nervous though but hey no sweat, everyone starts at d very beginning n no shortcut to success rite?

last but not least or i shall say save da best 4 last ;D
dis is 4 u dear ;)
thanx 4 being my everything includes my idol! eheh eheh
i wish i will succeed just like u in 5 years time or less? *InsyaAllah*
may us will cherish years n years onward

Myra Zain <3

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ombak Rindu

yes i admit I rarely watch malay movies at cinema..
da last time before ombak rindu was horror movie by Yusuf Haslam's boy tu,
tu pun sbb my Criminal Lecturer Dato Halim said it was superb..
but dis time around its like under compulsion..
n i submit n surrender my heart to dat compulsion..
gud plot gud emotional impact n gud sound track i shall say! round of applause people! bravo bravo!!!

*i play it again and again!*

btw, thanx mom n dad 4 da ole2 from vietnam ;*
supposedly i ikut tp so so so busy so cannot *bg chance la dieorg honeymoon* hihi ;D
 tata! *damia's style*