Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanx 4 ur concern ;)

when I used dis pic as my bb dp many did bbm me asking my condition,
they thought dat I am sick,
I am very much  fine n well frens ;) 
btw I really appreciate ur concern,
auww so sweet of u guys *touched* ;'D
Myra Zain
p/s: Damia Zarra is my princess, my angel n my sweetheart since forever <3

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Done with my obligation! Did you people? ;D

hoyeah hoyeah!
title to be put dat way with reasons ya.. (konon2 i did vote for election or wat but act NOT)
teheee ;D
Imma busy bee dat buzz buzz da whole of dis week!
like seriously starting of with Administration of Trust, then 3 hours of mooting session which is very unusual as other group session is approximately 2 hours, then last night was my Criminal Law test..
*welcome to da law school myra! horaaaayh! err ;/ * hihi
but i do enjoyed everything, all da challenges, obstacles, brain crashing, drill from the judge ;)
thanx group mates! *hugs*

 Counsel for da Appalent *me-co counsel & diana-lead counsel*

counsel for da Respondent *sori we aint scared, nah ah!* ahaha

 respondent counsel do mingle with us even before mooting, no worries ;D 

 btw special thanx to rina as dis is all da way from taiping n thanx to emilia coz did send dis to my house
dis is sexy superdelicious accompany for mooting revision session ever! ;)

 see emi n faliq we aint scared, bahaaa! ;))

btw break some legs myra?? nope! i'm survived in totally 1 whole piece ;D 

*n i miss my little angel so much!* tsk

done mooting is not da end of everything but only a new whole beginning of my life
bye people! with lotsa love, 
Myra Zain

Monday, November 7, 2011

Perlukah Begitu Wahai Amira?

should i mourning of wat happened?
should i or shouldn't?
nah! set it aside..
live my life to da fullest!
weee weee yippie! ;D ;D ;D
Happy Eid Adha people!
*a day wif cousins, mom's side*

cranky boy ahmad <3 handsome ;p

 he just cant wait no more, hihi!

 manja'est kiki! ;)

 dania, me n fara

*cheating myra! switch on the shading roof to provide sun-proof * boo!

 meroyan time!

another meroyan session after swimming 

Myra Zain
p/s: wat a lovely day ease wateva stress im confronting rite now, btw go go go mooting! ;D

Friday, November 4, 2011


hello dear ;D
as da title goes..
im having a restless n hectic moment dat i shudnt b complaining n i am not complaining rite now..
ahaha! seriously im not complaining.. ;p i wont i wont..
promise! ;) hihi
sem break starts for a week n after dat in da same week got tests Administration of Trust, Criminal Law n not confirm yet Legal Research and Methodology..
owh n on Wednesday is my mooting presentation..
wish me luck ya people ;) go Diana Amira & Co! ;D
* btw ckp byk keje but today g shopping gak! haih! dang! dis is no good myra no good ;D *

 lotsa love,
Myra Zain
take care you all n Happy Eid Adha
be safe ya ;)