Saturday, September 24, 2011

DAMIA'S 1ST BIRTHDAY!!! ohmyyyyy sugar

hello viewers!
my sugerhoneysweetheart or shorter my 1 n only niece, baby damia turns 1 yo last 21st Sept!
wahhhh! dat once very tiny little n innocent baby girl had grown so much..
*aunty feels touched, auwww* <3 hikhik
1st thing 1st after 10.30 class done i buat loudspeaker n call my sis n then nyanyi happy birthday wif all my frens kuat2 sampai denga damia giggle n like mumbling something so happy at the end of da singing..
so as a very excited aunty i pn start to think wat to buy 4 present bla bla bla..
my sis n me plan 4 damia's very private family party..
so friday as i went back home as usual from shah alam,
drop by at Ikano..
y Ikano?? sbb ade 1 party shop..
seriously they sell every needs or wat u want 4 a party..
then da beli all da deco aunty sempat shopping dress 4 dat nite as da theme is pink..
tp act dress tu purple..
y purple? maybe colour blind skejap kott.. ahaha! *shy*
then rush2 blk pn leh g hangout ngan tasha n phuven jap..
eheh eheh ;D
sampai jea uma settle everything n start da decoration!
wink wink ;D

video of baby damia *click to view*

damia's dress

 look how happy she was??!!even b4 party as i start da deco, ohmyyyy.. lapchuu!

 atok n damia

 mommy n damia

 nenek n damia

 love dis pic *credit to me, yayyy* hihi

 wif my maid n also baby damia <3

 aunty amek alih spot damia.. hamboi kemain! ahaha

 she make me smile always

 love dis pic too! *yayy 4 me again, pasan!* ehehe

 thanx nenek n atok 4 da birthday ang pau! *btw, utk aunty xde?* ahaha

 alorhlorh ngade tauu kakak ;D

 from aunty wif love

 from mommy n daddy wif love

okbye! ;D ;D ;D

p/s: act i nk update bout last week all da open houses session tp 2ggu pic from soe.. hihihi! nnt later i update okayh..

big hug,
Myra Zain

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Beraya at Hakym's! ;D

well since da new sem had just started i'll be a bit busy..
even br start 1 week pn mooting da ade presentation next week..
so I will not b able to always update due to time constraint..
*ececeh! konon2 busy study* hihi ;D
so act last Sun was cool! catching up wif dearest frens from my primary school.. ;D
primary tau not secondary..
we all went to Hakym's open house at Kemensah Heights..
after how many years xjumpe so dis is sort of a reunion i guess..
*btw sori hanisah coz cannot make it to ur house on dat Sat kt Valencia, but seriously I wish I can go* soriiiii ;(


*credit to Hakym for pictures*
Myra Zain

Thursday, September 8, 2011


teheeee ;D
hello viewers!
yesterday i went for a little here n there shopping..
nothing much only topup my makeup so me n my gf went to Sephora, then handbag, then grab dresses n bla bla bla all kt 1 stop centre (pavi) but Sephora outside pavi la..
shopping was ok but hanging around wif phuven n tasha was superb!
*seriously i miss da time when all krohuns members can walk back to back together like da gud old time*
wonder when da time will come eyh? ;D


 tasha n phuven!

 me n tasha <3

 me n phuven <3

fitting, capturing n on da fon at da same time.. ahaha! *phuven sabotage ke ape nie?* 

on da fon pn can pose meh? gedik

had dis 4 lunch = Vita C Detox Juice! *phuven said it taste funny coz of da ginger but i kinda love it* hihihi

Myra Zain

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

short post= MARBLE CAKE ;D

Yesterday was another busy routine,
start wif baking then went to pay da supposedly altered jeans but act x siap pn.. (i hatechuuu as now i've got no jeans to wear tau x!) then went to Shah Alam to settle things up at new rental house..
*i hate all my pants act sbb i cant wear any, it become too loose n hideous to me*
another sad story was pity me dat DAMN key stuck at da main door n Im stranded like h***!
but luckily ade life savior of da day my senior Fik..
thanx bro if not i'll rot there! * exaggerate a bit* eheh eheh..
da la da dtg all da way from his house siap blanje i subway..
thanx thanx n thanx! ;D

~Marble Cake, my mom's fav~

 baru klua oven tp my sis sabotage cucuk sampai hancur at da top ;D

dats it 4 da time being..
see ya sooner or later!
Myra Zain

Friday, September 2, 2011


oh well as others updating theirs blog wif all da colourful pictures on 1st Syawal..
mine will be totally different...
its a great raye for me but as i suffer from a major gastric da joy a bit disturbed..
since da past few months losing my appetite, i keep on fasting even b4 Ramadhan n on 2nd day of Syawal..
food intake is very little so now i puke everything out..
cannot eat..
thus no food left in stomach..
i hope u guys can together pray 4 my health..
but great news is, current total lost is 8 kg ;D
thanx love! 

Myra Zain