Sunday, August 21, 2011

week-END!! weewooo! ;D

attention dear viewers i am sooooo tired!
eheh eheh ;p
i love to keep on going until i become too tired during day then i can sleep well at nite...
or else i will face da same prob dat keep haunting me..
so keep me busy plis dear fam n frens n i love it n of coz i love all of u!
ngee ngee ;D
yesterday start my day wif baking task..
we bake a yummyh home made cornflakes cookies...
we start early after subuh as i need to go to shah alam to settle everything u noe bout my old rental house.. bla bla bla! all dis n all dat.. ;p ;p ;p
so around 11 am i went to shah alam n did contact teyn n we went 4 a very girlish shopping outing!
*auww sweet!*
*owh how i miss her so much n all other krohuns too, like seriously i do!* tsk
btw, it was sudden we did reach other krohuns members but they cant make it..
so yesterday i drove kl - Shah Alam - Subang - Shah Alam - kl n still make it to berbuka at my home sweet home... ;)


 bought same cardi wif different tones! bahaha

 dis is human okayh! *not lying face* ngee ngee

 killing time while waiting 4 teyndo

 need to lose another 5 kg plis myra *shy* ;D

 teyn u r soooo pretty! *envy ur eyes* hihi

dis 1 is cornflakes cookies *we blend da cornflakes dats y it looks like dis* ;)

syg u cantik n i look pale! grrrr hihi!

owh n today i bake choc chip cookies pulak..
teheeee ;D
n went shopping again..
dis time around mak blanje my bibik..
she is so happy..
n i was happy too seeing dat smile on u bibik...
*everyone on earth deserves to be happy on dis raya celebration n wat we can do is try our best to make others happy, InsyaAllah dis world will b a better place to live on* ;D

dats all for now,
until then byeeeee!
Myra Zain


  1. yay! i love u syg!!! <3

    u look gorjaz! =D

  2. love u more!

    u la look gorjaz babe <3