Saturday, May 14, 2011

pink n brown wedding, mother's day n dad's bufday

hye peeps! dun want to talk much lets just browse picca..

<3 during 7th May 2011 <3
firstly is my cousin's wedding, theme pink n brown
Azwa Zubir & Andy Hamdan
then, we siblings throw up a surprise bufday party for daddy n mom's day for mommy
*ktorg blk awl from wedding n g siap2 beli cake order pizza, bla bla bla*

~nie mommy n daddy~
laptchuuu! ngeee ;p

~reception day at Dewan Sri Seroja, Putrajaya~

~owh i nk wish special thanx to dz's mum for dis outfit.. love it!~

~nie dad, mom, pakngah, makngah, pakcik n achik i~

<3 6th May 2011 <3
~nie solemnization ceremony~

~pretty bride, kak azwa~ nie la cousin i ;)

~me n mom~

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