Tuesday, July 31, 2012


ehem ehem stretching a bit 1st,
Assalamualaikum ;)
I think its been awhile from my last post rite?
shopping sounds familiar babes?
yes i noe but i am not a shopaholic person..
at least no longer or maybe never been one..
eheh eheh!
even worst now i think..
as i've decided 2 put my hijab on i think i need to be more particular in choosing outfit, not too short not too tight n etc etc..
dun get me wrong im not complaining but even more grateful as at least u think more bout urself now than before, seriously true..
i think it is more like protecting ladies and not restraining..
i am a kind of person who will get bored at one point of time while shopping..
normally if i like wat ive seen than i will straight away grab it as if i walk out dat particular place than i will lose interest n feel like not buying anything.. ahaha!
owh n somemore crowded shopping outlet will cause headache like seriously ;/
*however if u go shop wif ur parents than nothing to worry it worth every penny even in what situation either it congested or too many to choose, rite rite? kan kan? cause its not on u but on em rite? haaa kann, i noe*
hihi! ;D
However it is, i am seriously not a shopaholic i get tired n bored easily so online shopping do help me ;D
*giggle kehkeh*

Introducing ZALORA 'Jump Onto the Fashion Lane'
plus FREE shipping wif 30 days return babe!
u can just sit back n relax browse thru ur lappy or even ipad or wat else..
bump unto unwanted faces=escape *eyh?? ahahaha!*

got my ZALORA discount voucher from TGV when watched Brave last 2 weeks after about 8 months of not entering cinema... seriously i dun hv time or if n only i hv time many other tasks dat can b done than spending time at cinema.. thus during sem break it is a must plus my gf dyba coming back to Mas for her sem break too.. other krohuns were fully booked as they r working n busy wif boyfie also.. kehkeh ;D so normally movie dating will b btw me n dyba.. ;D 
miss chuu krohuns my lap!

Myra Zain ;)

Monday, July 23, 2012

jika dia boleh mengapa kita tidak boleh?

damia after watching us solat
tanpa disuruh

Ya Allah berkatilah dan peliharalah keluargaku,
limpahkan kami dengan kebahagiaan dan rezeki d jalanmu Ya Allah

Myra Zain

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


end of part 5, Alhamdulillah n approaching Ramadhan Al-Mubarak
I'm taking my baby steps towards peaceful journey in front of me InsyaAllah..
supports from fam n frens r always there..
thanx 4 being there for me, xoxo!