Friday, December 30, 2011


yes its been so long..
lets stretching a bit 1st! huwargghh huwargghh! hihi ;D
silence is da best remedy i think just 4 now..
so busy like a busy bee again n again throughout da sem n even now as study week had just started 4 about 7 days..
i have approximately 9 days more or less towards final..
5 days in a row were self-proclaimed as 'lets make love wif library' ! yes indeed! phewh..

so what is da connection wif da title ROLLER COASTER up there myra?
ok lets get back 2 da motion man.. ;D
act i just love to express my gratitude to da most heart wrenching year= 2011! *clap*
i love it just like a roller coaster ride!
weeee weeee! ;D
learn a lot, change a lot, all d ups n down, all da happiness, all da tricky moment, success n failure..
come 2gether n wrap it well in 1 whole year!

n of coz looking forward 4 2012!
be nice to me plis?
will start entering firm world dis january..
Albar & Partners will b da kickstart..
nervous though but hey no sweat, everyone starts at d very beginning n no shortcut to success rite?

last but not least or i shall say save da best 4 last ;D
dis is 4 u dear ;)
thanx 4 being my everything includes my idol! eheh eheh
i wish i will succeed just like u in 5 years time or less? *InsyaAllah*
may us will cherish years n years onward

Myra Zain <3

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