Friday, August 3, 2012

RESULT, unexpected

Syukur syukur syukur Alhamdulillah Ya Allah
Part 5 is d toughest so far,
recalling back then,
there were many restless days,
penah ade 1 ari me n Diana my groupmates promise to finish until certain level our pilled of works at library,
starting from around 9.30 am up till 7.00pm,
our break is only during solat zohor n without realising time flew very fast it was 7.00pm,
MasyaAllah ape lagi berlari pegi surau belum solat Asar..
*kat library when u immersed wif ur work mmg susah nak tau pukul berapa sbb nothing change in there seriously*
we fast dat day n still didnt hv anything for berbuka..
rush back home n drop somewhere to tapau..
sampai rumah near 8.30pm barula berbuka after solat Maghrib dulu..
then cont wif digesting words by words in thick books..
however it is i enjoyed all my 5 semester being a law students..
all mates are hardworking n i feel bad if im complaining seriously..

besides that something really break my heart happened during study week, just few days b4 1st paper..
my cousin passed away, he was n will still remained as our caring and loving brother now and forever,
we didnt expect n never prepared 4 dis news..
just got married few months back but now leaving his wife n us..
but after all Allah lebih menyayangi arwah lebih dr kami..
Inalillah... ;'( 

dat is why i dun expect too much but all d hardwork become sweet memories when received email from UITM*the result*
Alhamdulillah *one word explained everything* *wide smile* 

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