Sunday, July 21, 2013

I'm in love!

hello dear!
yes im in love..
i always believe dat to be happy you must be in love in wat u're doing..
im in love wif wat im doing now..
its not about stay up all nite..
stay up at firm slept only on toto brought by ily (thanx ily!) n my comforter share for at least 4 mates..
slept only for 2 hours max duration during final..
eat,study,play,laugh,stress out all day long..
sometimes could not differentiate whether its 3pm or 3am as it looks alike, haha!
its about passion n commitment!
im in love wif LLB life..
yes sometimes u feel like dis is too burdensome but in a way i love it n miss it during dis semester break..
i've found happiness in doing all dis...
i hope my path is all within keredhaan Nya, InsyaAllah..

Best regards;
Myra Zain
Zharif & Partners

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