Sunday, May 29, 2011

damia goofing around! ;p

8 months old baby Damia!
ngeeeee ;D

~dis is my territory, kindly plis don't enter!*sambil muke manis*~ ahaha

~sexy picture! agahgah *owh dat is mosquitoes bites okayh*~ teheee ;p

~aunty stop snap pictures plis, i'm tired! *sambil muke masam mencuka*~ bahaaaa ;0

~haaa nie cover cun! *mommy die ckp aunty xtawuuu!* hikhik! ;D

~i am BUSY! n will keep going be BUSY!~ mwuahaha

~buleh bha kalau ko!~ ahaha! wat a pose!

~im busy but for u aunty i smile 4 da camera! *wink wink*~

~camera effects wif mosquitoes bites again~ teheee ;D

~dis is at my rental house *kemas uma paling last so bug family to accompany me during hol as no one there, tite tachuut! mwuahaha*~
~we went to IKEA 1st n all dis playing mat n damia's games is all bought there~ hihi

~haaa nie la damia's face if u xamek her, u better be take me jalan2 aunty!~


  1. awww!! damia comel!!! can't wait to see her =)

  2. teheeee! ;D come here faster aunty teyn *says damia* bahaaaa