Wednesday, August 24, 2011

break fasting + phuven's advance birthday! ;p

Dear blog,
me wanna use dis little chance to say dat how glad I am as we r approaching Eid Mubarak but how sad I am as we r nearly leaving da greatest month of Ramadhan Al Mubarak...
feel too touched wif all da mixed feelings dis year around...
InsyaAllah all of us will b a better person indeed time to time...

owh okayh enough 4 dat!
hey hey hey!
darls~~ ngeee ;D
last nite me phuven n tasha went for a berbuka session or iftar at tomyam's restaurant at keramat *i lupe name dat restaurant, sori!* hihi
but seriously wif a very reasonable price n gud dishes it was superb 4 us Alhamdulillah..
owh btw, phuven did fast yesterday even wif exception she drink la cket2..
its gud enough as how sweet she was semate2 nak bebuka ngan we all she did try to fast..
~we had dis 4 bebrbuka~

 did order sirap limau coz dyba teringin *shuweet kan dyba kan?* ;D

 udang goreng tepung

 siakap 3 rasa

tomyam seafood n khailan ikan masin

owh b4 berbuka we went to wangsa walk n after berbuka we went to jusco au 4 baskin robin n starbucks...
*but pity me my fav choc chip da abes so i didnt get any of BR* tsk
 ngeee ;D 


 act dis is not my colour but as phuven c bufday girl yg pilih utk i so i bought dis.. ahaha!

 phuven n tasha.. lap lap both of u n of coz other krohuns so much!

dieorg kacau i drive! ;D

okayh phuven n tasha will kill me 4 dis pic! bahaha * giggle*

okayh until then c yaaa!
Myra Zain