Friday, November 4, 2011


hello dear ;D
as da title goes..
im having a restless n hectic moment dat i shudnt b complaining n i am not complaining rite now..
ahaha! seriously im not complaining.. ;p i wont i wont..
promise! ;) hihi
sem break starts for a week n after dat in da same week got tests Administration of Trust, Criminal Law n not confirm yet Legal Research and Methodology..
owh n on Wednesday is my mooting presentation..
wish me luck ya people ;) go Diana Amira & Co! ;D
* btw ckp byk keje but today g shopping gak! haih! dang! dis is no good myra no good ;D *

 lotsa love,
Myra Zain
take care you all n Happy Eid Adha
be safe ya ;)

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