Monday, November 7, 2011

Perlukah Begitu Wahai Amira?

should i mourning of wat happened?
should i or shouldn't?
nah! set it aside..
live my life to da fullest!
weee weee yippie! ;D ;D ;D
Happy Eid Adha people!
*a day wif cousins, mom's side*

cranky boy ahmad <3 handsome ;p

 he just cant wait no more, hihi!

 manja'est kiki! ;)

 dania, me n fara

*cheating myra! switch on the shading roof to provide sun-proof * boo!

 meroyan time!

another meroyan session after swimming 

Myra Zain
p/s: wat a lovely day ease wateva stress im confronting rite now, btw go go go mooting! ;D

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