Wednesday, July 13, 2011

craving for tart! ;D

i miss to eat egg tart n cheese tart sooooo much!
da best tart i've ever ate is at pavilion..
dkt foodcourt depan Manhattan Fish Market..
even there r tonnes of memories about eating dat tart but i x peduli..
*sbb sedap sgt so xkesah even cam try to delete all dat away but i cam fikir ahh yg penting dpt mkn yummy2 tart! ahaha*
gulp! *aaa bunyi telan air liur* nnt b4 org confuse i habaq awai2... ;D
but today i mkn cheese tart from INHOUSE CAKES...
serious sedap gileeeeee!
die cam soft texture of pastry then colour die pn very white n n n cheese die gebuuuu...
owh act i suke biscuit or pastry yg look very white sbb nmpk cam very tempting ;D
makaiiiiiih! sedaaaaap!
serious i promote even act i xde kaitan pn dgn owner die..
but seriously, guys u shud try dis! ;)

p/s : packaging die pun very nice kan?? so kalau korang nk bg surprise kat yg tersayang pn boleh... weeee! ;D

for better review plis go to

*seriously i gain nothing n i dun ever noe da owner but sincerely i love wat i've ate n just love to share* ngeeeee ;D ;p ;)

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