Friday, July 29, 2011

Precious Friendship will not FADE forever

seriously i've been thinking dis few days back about us..
okayh i knew dyba, tasha n phuven since form 1 so like how many years??
9 years! 9 years okayh! wowww!
while i knew teyn since form 3 when she came back from liverpool...
wooowww dat means 7 years babe!
n act we bump into each other before dat as our mom r frens...
then come to soe...
babe we knew each other for 6 years!! woooowww!
seriously dear babes..
i'm still counting n i just refuse to stop counting..
i brag to da whole world bout us...
plis plis plis hold on tight to each other..
hey look at wat we had cherish together..
wat we have been thru...
i just wanna say dat i love all of u sooooo much!
igt x we go to tuition together?
stay back 4 extra class or koko...
how i miss to seat at our lepak station every morning while waiting for the bell..
xde sape can lepak overthere...
its ours! ahahaha
we eat we laugh we run from cikgu disiplin..
we cry together also..
remember when spm result was announced?
how i'm down i cried n all of u cried wif me..
i igt Mr Lee said to us hey mira see wat had u done to all of my girls..
u cry n all of them r crying too..
n we happy for dyba's result..
n then we realized dat we shud be happy as we had work hard for it..
how we choose our path after dat?
how we live as an older teenagers..
n remember how we back each other up?
just some random pictures dat maybe can ring some sweet memories..
our sweet memories babes! <3

dis 4 dyba coz she will fly 2morrow back to Aussie.. *gonna miss u dybaba, tsk!*
dybaba i will visit u okayh even dis end of year our schedule x same.. u free when im busy.. its ok there'll always be next time..

 * always vain together, teheee ;D *

 *dis was 2 years back then or wat.. kan? ngeeee *

 teyn's bufday!

 Tony Roma's!

 * soe's house n at aunty's very pretty garden! * ;)

 *bile time meroyan msk game corner kat mall* bahaha!

 *all time fav! saisaki! weeee*

 *aaa yg tu i! meroyan! mwuahaha*

 *Raya at teyn's! dkt shah alam* ;D

 nie pn da lame kan? *hugsss* hihi


 haaa kan da ckp all time fav! saisaki again! eheh eheh ;D

 nie b4 dyba fly 

spa date! ;D

p/s: dis dun hv any connection wif all above...
i just wanna say : i believe dat love means sacrificing.. so i will sacrifice for ur happiness.. now n always.. ;) i noe all my promises but i just cant because u'll realize dat all i did was for ur happiness.. n i noe u r happy now.. ;)

Myra Zain

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