Friday, July 8, 2011


Okayh2 i noe ANNOYING!
;p ;D ;d


  1. plz dont annoy? cz i like it dear.

  2. hye :)

    first of all , im sorry for everything dat happened between us b4 dis , all the shitty stuff i said bout u ,i really didnt mean it , it was driven by stupid angry jelousy emotion for someone who not even worth it for me, n i know things get uglier cuz at dat time , i also lost another important man in my life, n it all leads to more hatred inside me ..i am truly sorry about that , n i dont want sympathy i just want to explain , i was well informed by him that u are a bright girl so myb u will understand wht im trying to explain .. im tired of misunderstanding :D . honestly , u are beautiful and smart in ur own way . n i dont know what u may think when u read my comment here , i wanna thank you a lot .. i dont know how to explain but u saved my life :) . mybe it sounds weird , but thats the truth .im happier after he completely belong to u, i nvr feel alive as much as i was now , im someone who can stand on my own now,i dont even want to turn back time even if i could,life just kept getting better without hving a man dat alwys looking for richer gf. . lol. so myra , thank you so much ..u are a great person..n i pray for u that u will find a real man , real lover that really deserve someone great like u .

    thanks a lot dear ,


  3. hello dilla,
    hey! least expected comment comes from u.. thanx a lot babe! sori 4 da late reply as i'm away from lappy n didnt download blogspot application in my bb.. been busy lately.. i've read ur comment thru email.. yes misunderstanding between us is not supposed to happen.. sori dear never ever mean to cause any hurt to u.. like i always said to others, plis girls dun blame other girl in dis issues.. no 1 shud be blame.. i've never blame his new girlfie n seriously not him too.. dis is our fate n destiny.. people do come n go in our life.. Allah knows da best 4 us.. if we blame others dat is similar as we blaming The Greatest Allah.. n thanx coz praying 4 me dilla.. but as i had told u b4.. i dun need a man in my life.. InsyaAllah i dun wanna be a datin but dato instead, i dun wanna be wife of a judge but judge instead n i dun wanna be wife of a rich guy but become rich myself.. hihi! of coz its only a dream but everything starts wif a little hope n huge hardwork..
    btw, Happy Ramadhan Al Mubarak dilla n may u be blessed n InsyaAllah i will pray 4 ur happiness n success..

    Myra Zain