Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Owh My Dear Blog ;D

yes i noe its been quite long since da last post..
i'm preoccupied wif something..
*not willing to share yet.. da time will come okayh? ececeh!* ahaha
2morrow i will start WORKING!
owhhh yes i am i am i am..
a bit nervous ! hikhik
but i noe i will overcome dis once i set my foot at da workplace..
its just a normal feelings when 1st time u will go to work..
feelings like wat to wear eyh, owh how colleagues will treat me n sort of dat..
dis is typical man! hihihi ;D
hope 4 a very welcoming environment! *pray*
teheeeeee ;)
i will be a teacher, teaching english... wink wink ;D
1 of my senior said dat i am too distracting 4 dis job..
*he is gud in telling jokes seriously* bahaahaha! ;))
last but not least..
p/s: to all future dear pretty n charming students plis be nice to me okayh
bahaaaaa! ;D

lotsa love;
Myra Zain

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