Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Beraya at Hakym's! ;D

well since da new sem had just started i'll be a bit busy..
even br start 1 week pn mooting da ade presentation next week..
so I will not b able to always update due to time constraint..
*ececeh! konon2 busy study* hihi ;D
so act last Sun was cool! catching up wif dearest frens from my primary school.. ;D
primary tau not secondary..
we all went to Hakym's open house at Kemensah Heights..
after how many years xjumpe so dis is sort of a reunion i guess..
*btw sori hanisah coz cannot make it to ur house on dat Sat kt Valencia, but seriously I wish I can go* soriiiii ;(


*credit to Hakym for pictures*
Myra Zain

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