Saturday, September 24, 2011

DAMIA'S 1ST BIRTHDAY!!! ohmyyyyy sugar

hello viewers!
my sugerhoneysweetheart or shorter my 1 n only niece, baby damia turns 1 yo last 21st Sept!
wahhhh! dat once very tiny little n innocent baby girl had grown so much..
*aunty feels touched, auwww* <3 hikhik
1st thing 1st after 10.30 class done i buat loudspeaker n call my sis n then nyanyi happy birthday wif all my frens kuat2 sampai denga damia giggle n like mumbling something so happy at the end of da singing..
so as a very excited aunty i pn start to think wat to buy 4 present bla bla bla..
my sis n me plan 4 damia's very private family party..
so friday as i went back home as usual from shah alam,
drop by at Ikano..
y Ikano?? sbb ade 1 party shop..
seriously they sell every needs or wat u want 4 a party..
then da beli all da deco aunty sempat shopping dress 4 dat nite as da theme is pink..
tp act dress tu purple..
y purple? maybe colour blind skejap kott.. ahaha! *shy*
then rush2 blk pn leh g hangout ngan tasha n phuven jap..
eheh eheh ;D
sampai jea uma settle everything n start da decoration!
wink wink ;D

video of baby damia *click to view*

damia's dress

 look how happy she was??!!even b4 party as i start da deco, ohmyyyy.. lapchuu!

 atok n damia

 mommy n damia

 nenek n damia

 love dis pic *credit to me, yayyy* hihi

 wif my maid n also baby damia <3

 aunty amek alih spot damia.. hamboi kemain! ahaha

 she make me smile always

 love dis pic too! *yayy 4 me again, pasan!* ehehe

 thanx nenek n atok 4 da birthday ang pau! *btw, utk aunty xde?* ahaha

 alorhlorh ngade tauu kakak ;D

 from aunty wif love

 from mommy n daddy wif love

okbye! ;D ;D ;D

p/s: act i nk update bout last week all da open houses session tp 2ggu pic from soe.. hihihi! nnt later i update okayh..

big hug,
Myra Zain

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