Tuesday, September 6, 2011

short post= MARBLE CAKE ;D

Yesterday was another busy routine,
start wif baking then went to pay da supposedly altered jeans but act x siap pn.. (i hatechuuu as now i've got no jeans to wear tau x!) then went to Shah Alam to settle things up at new rental house..
*i hate all my pants act sbb i cant wear any, it become too loose n hideous to me*
another sad story was pity me dat DAMN key stuck at da main door n Im stranded like h***!
but luckily ade life savior of da day my senior Fik..
thanx bro if not i'll rot there! * exaggerate a bit* eheh eheh..
da la da dtg all da way from his house siap blanje i subway..
thanx thanx n thanx! ;D

~Marble Cake, my mom's fav~

 baru klua oven tp my sis sabotage cucuk sampai hancur at da top ;D

dats it 4 da time being..
see ya sooner or later!
Myra Zain

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