Thursday, September 8, 2011


teheeee ;D
hello viewers!
yesterday i went for a little here n there shopping..
nothing much only topup my makeup so me n my gf went to Sephora, then handbag, then grab dresses n bla bla bla all kt 1 stop centre (pavi) but Sephora outside pavi la..
shopping was ok but hanging around wif phuven n tasha was superb!
*seriously i miss da time when all krohuns members can walk back to back together like da gud old time*
wonder when da time will come eyh? ;D


 tasha n phuven!

 me n tasha <3

 me n phuven <3

fitting, capturing n on da fon at da same time.. ahaha! *phuven sabotage ke ape nie?* 

on da fon pn can pose meh? gedik

had dis 4 lunch = Vita C Detox Juice! *phuven said it taste funny coz of da ginger but i kinda love it* hihihi

Myra Zain

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