Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bandung Escape-1st Day!

9th June 2011
flight 9.40 am to Bandung!
ngeee ;p
so we all siap2 around 6.30 am ayah n abg drove us to airport..
ktorg park there coz senang nnt nak balik.. hihi!
1st day yg xbestnye time checkin ade dis guy was very rude to us..
guy kat counter tu layan cam nak xnak jea.. aish! u ruined my mood dat morning okayh bro, no gud! i hatechuuuu! teheee ;D
*really difference okayh ngan guy kt counter checkin for Indonesia Air Asia time we all wanted to depart back to Kl*
*he gave us hot seat! smiling all da time! hey not like u MR! boooooo! hihi*
but okayhla as dis miss next counter entertained us politely to cover up her clans...
then when we reached there tros driver amek n straight away to Restoran Sederhana makan nasi padang fav yummmyh!
kenyang perut suka hati then checkin at Sukajadi Hotel,
time book dis hotel i just tau dis hotel situated at Jalan Sukajadi n near Paris Van Java(walking distance jea)
i didnt noe yg everything sume dkt includes factory2 outlet cam Rumah Mode all dat,
conclusion = it is in da middle of da town!
so okayhla best..
then da checkin solat rest jap all dat ktorg heading to Rumah Mode xsaba nak shopping da sume.. ngeee ngeee ;p
then da penat dinner kt hotel jea order thru fon..
okayhla not bad food die..
da most important is layanan dieorg 1st class!
orang Bandung nie soft spoken mostly laaa..


~nie dkt rumah mode~

~local kuih muih~

~kuih n cendol durian~

~waiting for checkin then photoshoot la cket~ ehehe

~haaa tu boss (ayah) ngah checkin~ ngee ;D

~lunch at restoran sederhana~

~nie car yg bwk ktorg ronda2 Bandung~

~nie kat airport, kak zahira(kakak ipar), me n abg~

~mak n baby damia~

~breakfast b4 depart~

nie br 1st day...
nnt i update more okayh!
until then byeeeeee ;p <3

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