Tuesday, June 7, 2011

decide decide

dis few days back i've been busy searching for suit designs,
I really need suit i've got 1 a simple full black suit but still da best will be tailored one la kan,
if in Mas price for tailor minimum will be 600 n above..
dat will not include fabric used okayh,
mahai Ya Rabbi!
*xmampu mak!* sobs ;(
so as I'm goin' to Bandung 2moro my dad bgtau i can get a cheap nice tailored suit there..
da price will be like rp 1000,000 so about Malaysian Ringgit, 359 depends on where u change ur money,
full suit okayh! mane nk dpt bang??
haaaa dis is gud news!
*kan da bagaikan org mengantuk disorong bantal.. ahaha!*
my dad also told me, dat tailor can make it ready within 24 hours..
so we'll see okayh how my suit goin' to be ;p ;p ;p

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