Thursday, June 16, 2011


haaaa last week i'm soooo happy!
dok shopping shopping n shopping kt Bandung coz act i tried to disoriented my brain from focusing on results dat will coming up soon...
i noe since last week today is the day..
woooo scary!
dis morning i refused to wake up..
normally kol 6 am da bgn baby damia will kejut..
but today fuuuuuhhh tdo aircond temperature 20 pn i still sweating okayh!
*padahal i will freezing normally!*
scary scary scaryyyyy!!!
kol 6.40 am br bgn then tros cam buat2 blur x check result..
my sis keep on hey hows ur result hows ur result??!
i was like errrr blum klua la blum..
then about 8 am la i rase i check email then uitm did send me my results...
woooooo kecik kecikkan mate *konon xnmpk sgt if damn sucks*
mmg liar of coz u have n still need to face ur result kan even kecikkan mata or wat!
then tgk gpa... Alhamdulillah cket lagiiiiii...
i was so near but still x achieve DL..
but still Alhamdulillah praise to Allah..
thanx to parents, fam n boyfie coz they knew how i am too down after paper Equity n Trust,
mum was sooo worried sbb i drove home crying all along da way,
my boyfie always check me, he called while im driving,
just to ensure dat i am ok,
family motivate me for da next killer paper,
administrative law! i screwed myself if i give up, i knew dat!
but i manage to get a- for admins law..
it is a gud decision to study kt uma after disappointing Equity paper i've made,
n thanx to frens too..
n of coz thanx to all my LECTURERS! thanx thanx n thanx..

p/s: mmg result x hebat mane but hey at least i did my hardwork kann?
hihihi... Alhamdulillah again...

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