Sunday, June 12, 2011

lari budget ;p

i'm back people..
it feels so nice to be back here again, our lovely MALAYSIA!
ngeee ;p
okayh nak cite,
kan previous entry i told u guys yg i nak custom made blazer/ suit kt Bandung?
my budget is only like 1 mil or lebeyh cket2 for dat suit..
but da lari budget! tsk
teheee ;D
owh n i want small white strap black fabric tp wat i've got was a black strap yg not so obvious D&G fabric...
cutting die buat okayhla but a bit bigger act not as wat i wish it to be, obviously dkt shoulder..
but okayhla tu!
hey wat do u expect myra? dat suit ready for only 1 day! 1 day okayh!
*haa kalau i jd tailor tu menangeh troih (menanges tros) nak siapkan* hihi!

*see dat NY MIRA, i think they mean it to be Nyonya Mira! or wat? ntahlaa.. ahaha!*


  1. ahahahahahah!! nyonya miraa~~ hahahaah

    yang, snap la u pakai suit ni =D