Wednesday, June 22, 2011



Lets diet people! come come join me..
*ececeh* ;D
now as today is da 4th days i naturally lose appetite i da greatly achieve reduction in weight 4kg!
seriously like seriously i xtipu i lost 4kg already..
kire like i lost 1kg for everyday..
wanna noe how??
b4 nie i xleh puase *paham2 la kan girl* hihi! so i mmg xmkn..
bkn xnak mkn i just cannot face food i feel like wanna puke..
i xmkn anything just drink tu pun time i tingat nak minum...
mkn secubit roti time my mum buat sad face, adik mkn adik..
so listen kayh people wateva it is if ur parents ask u to eat just eat xkesahla u nk mkn secubit roti ke as long as u listen to them..
then now i can start fasting lgpn now kan bulan Rejab byk fadhilatnye..
so i will fast everyday until i xlarat someday in future..
InsyaAllah Allah will make me strong.. ;)
sahur just drink plain water maybe bebuke wif roti again or a cup of horlicks..
i punye target maybe nak reduce 8kg..

New shape InsyaAllah!
*hihihi! dulu bkn main susa nak diet skang kan senang jea.. behind everything there is hikmah n i've got 1! Alhamdulillah praise to Allah*

i trime if dis is wat Allah decide for me to face on my path to success..
who noes rite??
if i cant fight dis little thing how can i face da reality in my carrier in future...
aish camne nak fight cases kat court if prob remeh temeh xle settle kan kan kan??
teheeeee ;D


  1. aku da ckp aku nak sampai model Channel.. u dun play play r! ahahaha.. alaaaa relax r aku leh survive jea sampai skang.. i'm impress wif my own self! *gile* hikhik ;p