Monday, June 13, 2011

Bandung Trip!

Dear peeps;

I went to Bandung Indonesia last week for a family vacation,
it is a nice trip act wat can i conclude is:Bandung is a place to shop shop n shop a lot!
1. our currency is obviously bigger than Indo rp (rp 1000000= RM 356.65)

2. lotsa factory outlet where u can get branded stuff cheaper than the normal price n a very famous one plus sgt cantik are like Rumah Mode or The Secret.

3. fabric's heaven at Pasar Baru! *seriously xtipu* u can get a very nice n pretty lace for half of the price than in Malaysia. Includes fabric for blazer or suit like the one i choose it varies from brand like Hugo Boss or Dolce & Gabana n many more for like da whole suit will cost about RM500 for fabrics(can further nego la) *haa mane nk dpt kat Malaysia nie kan?*

4. if u dont like factory outlet dun worry, there is Paris Van Java more or less same like KLCC but be careful because for certain brand it is more expensive than our country. *Zara ok same jea where i bought my dress but Charles & Keith there mahai lg than Mas okayh baek beli here*

5. VERY WARM N FRIENDLY PEOPLE there! *seriously n wat i noticed was they are more polite n soft spoken*
i. time sampai went to Hotel Checkin! there is 1 very pretty sis nie her son is like 1 year ++ old, she entertained her son to speak, very gently even her son keep on repeated da same question n she asked her son to play wif baby damia.
ii. lotsa people tegur damia, hello lucu banget bayinya sih! *lucu means a very cute baby*

iii. my suit was delivered about half an hour late n dis uncle keep on apologised again n again. *i was like dun b plis i'm younger than u* he asked me for fitting n kindly listen to my complain. *tp i xdela ngade2 complain byk just shoulder die a bit bigger tu jea* hihi
not to forget, time tailor nak ukur i, he repeatedly says sori ya diukur cnie ya maybe he afraid because he hv to touch me..

iv. Air Asia Indonesia crew gave ayah hot seat, the first forth seats in front when we fly back to Malaysia.

lot n lot more... i terharu! thanx everyone wat a wonderful trip i've got!

p/s: pic file besa then bile nak upload sgt sgt sgt lambat! so i jd too lazy to update.. will update soon bout my trip.. after dis okayh? i promise! hihihi ;D

bye viewers!