Sunday, June 26, 2011

Helpers at Sport Day ;D

1. On 25th June aritu i jd my mom's helper kat sport day SRK Wangsa Maju R10,
my mom Pen Kanan Koko so i just help her up..
nothing much just jd kind of referee for runners dieorg yg 4x100 then jd time keeper for short distance sprint runner for 80m 100m sort of la cenggitu...
its fun to see all dis kiddos very determine to win..
dulu pn time kat primary school i slalu cam msk 4x100 n 4x200.. 
tp mmg seriously x terer pancit memanjang!
but i netball players la dulu all because of my height..
hihihihi ;D ;D ;D
then once enter secondary school tros retired..
body pn da cam ape how to pecut kannnn? *harapan la*
teheeeee ;D

nie picca on dat day

~nie sukaneka, cute kan dis girl! i sokong die ;p ;p ;p~

~then blk sport day tros rushing siap2 g kenduri lak~
mkn kenduri! rendang die best *i still xlalu mkn* haih 

2. On 26th June pulak Sport Day kat my sis's school..
My sis is a teacher so again i jd helper..
but dis time around penat gile!
i do so much thingy but best sbb still lingered wif all cute little kiddos...
<3 <3 <3
i tolong hias rumah sukan..
i tolong siapkan dieorg nak perbarisan..
i tolong serve VIP..
i tolong distribute mineral water kat all da teachers..
round 1 padang...
jerit2 sokong rumah merah=Merak
hilang suara ape sume..
balik my mom mskkan my fav dishes, masak lemak lala!
but still xlalu mkn but utk mengambil hati i mkn lala jea...
hihihihi! thanx mommy i love u!

nie picca on dat day ;p

~nie la rumah Merak~
~owh n dat clown's attire bibik i tolong jahitkan, ahaha~

~dis is spider girl tau, she is seriously sooo cute!~

~see see! i help to hias dis canopy! theme-candy wonderland~

dats all for now, bye! ;)

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